About My Doctor Looks Like Me

The Looks Like Me Club is an exclusive community of beautiful little girls and boys like you who get to meet me and my Super friends.  My Super friends are Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Accountants, Actors, Nurses and many other professionals that look like you. You will be able to speak with them personally. You can ask them any questions about what they do and what made them decide to do what they do. As a member, you will have access to social activities such as book readings, tea parties, photo contests, and question and answer sessions with the professionals. We look forward to getting to know you. Annual memberships in the club cost $60.00.

Best Book Club For Kids

My Doctor Looks Like Me®,My Vice President Looks Like Me®, and My President Looks Like Me® are the first three titles in a series of books written to inspire children to succeed. For example, African-American and Hispanic physicians make up less than 5% of all physicians. It is not likely that every child of color will see a doctor that looks like him or her.

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The Best Book Club

The Looks Like Me Book Club

The writing of this book series signals the start of a Movement to introduce every underrepresented black or brown child to a professional that they can possibly identify with and aspire to follow in their footsteps. It is my hope that when you purchase this book, your child will become a member of our Looks Like Me Club where they will have the opportunity to meet professionals in every possible field, professionals that looks like them. Upcoming titles in 2022 will include:My Lawyer Looks Like Me, My Meteorologist Looks Like Me, My Teacher Looks Like Me.

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My Doctor Looks Like Me® is clear and easy to read. My grandchildren love the books. I like that there are boy and girl versions. Bravo!


This book is so needed for all little black girls and boys to inspire them through images that reflect who they see in the mirror in a clearly written narrative that impresses upon them that their dreams are achievable. Every parent should have this book in their child’s library.


Thank you, my daughters now want to be doctors like you


I would recommend them and the company without any reservation